Our mission is to support investigator-initiated clinical and epidemiological studies and provide education to researchers and support staffs while collaborating with other organizations.
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Former Chief Director Yasuo Ohashi (Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Professor of Chuo University) passed away suddenly on March 11, 2021. I am Hirokuni Amari, who was appointed as the New Chief Director. The Japan Clinical Research Support Unit (hereinafter referred to as J-CRSU), a specified non-profit organization, was established in June 2001, so this year marks the 20th anniversary. And 10 years have passed since the Great Tohoku Earthquake occurred and we started “Kibo to Kizuna Project” for medical support of the disaster area.

J-CRSU became the secretariat of the Japan Arteriosclerosis Longitudinal Study (JALS) 0th Integrated Research conducted with the support of the Japan Arteriosclerosis Prevention Research Fund at the beginning of our establishment. It is an epidemiological cohort of less than 20,000 Japanese in 10 cohorts. We were able to promote a truly national-scale project to integrate the collect data that will be the basis of future EBM (Evidence Based Medicine). In addition, as a data center for N-SAS trials conducted by the Comprehensive support project for oncology research of Breast Cancer (CSPOR-BC) of the Public Health Research Foundation. Our prognosis outcome of breast cancer patients who received various treatments, contributed to global meta-analysis research by providing data to the EBCTCG (Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group) at Oxford University. We are a pioneer of the data center for investigator-initiated clinical trials started in 2004 in Japan. And has become a data center for various investigator-initiated clinical research to support researchers. In the "Kibo to Kizuna Project”, which was launched to conduct research on medical support for victims and for the reconstruction of the Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in March 2011, in the hometown of former Chief Director Yasuo Ohashi. We have been active mainly in Fukushima Prefecture.

J-CRSU is expected to be more active. We promise to carry on the wishes of former Chief Director Yasuo Ohashi and continue to work for a healthy society.

March 2021
Hirokuni Amari
Chief Director
甘利裕邦 写真
Provide support for public-funded clinical / epidemiological research activities
Provide support of educational program on clinical / epidemiological research
Provide support for research / educational activities related to medical writing
Consultation on health, medical care, or welfare
Provide support for clinical research by dispatching staffs for external public clinical
research institutes
Provide support for other specified non-profit activities to promote public health,
medical care or welfare
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Non-Profit Organization Japan Clinical Research Support Unit (J-CRSU)
J-CRSU Headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan.